5.7 cm of Globidens aegyptiacus

Out Of Stock 5.7 cm of Globidens aegyptiacus

5.7 cm of Globidens aegyptiacus

The 5.7 cm tooth of Globidens aegyptiacus is in a beautiful state of preservation and has an almost complete root. Globidens aegyptiacus was up to 6 metres long and is a relative of the better known Mosasaurus, the largest known marine predator. The teeth of Globidens are distinguished by their spherical shape and were the only ones that enabled it to crack armoured prey.

Species:      Globidens aegyptiacus (Family: Mosasauridae; Genus: Globidens)b>
Age:             ca. 66 - 84.9 million years (Late Cretaceous)
Location:   Qued Zem - Khourigba / Morocco
Weight:       29 g
Condition: 100% genuine and natural, no repairs and no restorations

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