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Fossil teeth from the great white shark, dinosaurs and megalodon shark

Here you have the chance to buy a fossil from sharks and dinosaurs. If you dont find the right teeth, contact me.In our shop we offer a great selection of fossil shark teeth of different shark species and in all sizes, quality and colours. 


Shark species

  • Carcharocles Megalodon

  • Great white shark (Carcharodon Carcharias)

  • Makoshark(Isurus Hastalis)

  • Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier)

  • Carcharocles Angustidens

  • Carcharocles Auriculatus

  • Palaeocarcharodon orientalis

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Dinosaur fossils

  • Mosasaurus

  • Spinosaurus

  • Carcharodontosaurus

  • Onchopristis numidis

  • Dromaeosaurus sp.

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10.3 cm black tooth of the Megalodon The 10.3 cm tooth of Carcharocles Megalodon is completely black..
Ex Tax: 209.24€
6.6 cm dagger-shaped tooth of Megalodon The 6.6 cm dagger-shaped tooth of Carcharocles Megalodon has..
Ex Tax: 116.81€
11,7 cm black fantastic tooth of megalodon The 11.7 cm tooth of the Carcharocles Megalodon has a won..
Ex Tax: 755.46€
5.6 cm wonderfully preserved tooth of Carcharocles Angustidens The 5,6 cm large tooth of Carcharocle..
Ex Tax: 125.21€
6,1cm Carcharocles Auriculatus Anhänger Zum Angebot steht ein perfekt erhaltener, seltener Haiz..
Ex Tax: 209.24€
5.3 cm large fantastic great white shark tooth Out Of Stock
5.3 cm large fantastic great white shark tooth The 5.3 cm tooth of the Great White Shark (Carcharodo..
Ex Tax: 133.61€
5.6 cm dark tooth of great white shark from USAThe 5.6 cm tooth of the great white shark (Carcharodo..
Ex Tax: 108.40€
4.9 cm beautifully colored great white shark tooth from South Africa The 4.9 cm dagger-like tooth of..
Ex Tax: 91.60€
3.3 cm black tooth of great white shark The 3.3 cm tooth of the Great White Shark from South Africa ..
Ex Tax: 41.18€
3,0 cm colorful lower jaw tooth of great white shark The 3.0 cm lower jaw tooth of the great white s..
Ex Tax: 35.29€
3,2 cm Elosuchus cherifiensis Ein 3,2 cm großer Zahn des Elosuchus cherifiensis. Eines der Riesenkro..
Ex Tax: 49.58€
8,9 cm Zahn des Spinosaurus aegyptiacus The 8.9 cm long tooth of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus from Morocc..
Ex Tax: 83.19€
8.9 cm impressively large tooth of the Carcharodontosaurus The 8.9 cm tooth of Carcharodontosaurus s..
Ex Tax: 410.92€
6,4 cm Onchopristis numidis Ein 6,4 cm großer Zahn des Onchopristis numidis. Der bis zu 8 Meter lang..
Ex Tax: 74.79€
8.1 cm very large light brown tooth of Carcharodontosaurus The 8.1 cm very large tooth of Carcharodo..
Ex Tax: 293.28€
Infos about sharks / FAQ
Great white shark

The great white shark - fascinating 


Megalodon Replik Hai Fossil Haizahn

The white shark is one of the most fascinating creatures on earth, admired, feared and chased. Although everyone knows his name, one knows surprisingly little about the white shark. He is up to 7m long and is not directly related to the megalodon although they both have an edentulous teeth on their teeth. The largest shark tooth of a large white shark is 7cm, the largest shark tooth of the megalodon is over 18cm. The female sharks are bigger than the male ones.

Megalodon shark info

Megalodon Hai Zahn - Der Gigant aus der Tiefe


Megalodon Replik Hai Fossil Haizahn



The Megalodon was the largest known shark of the earth's history and lived in the Miocene and the Old Pleistocene 5 to 1.6 million years ago. The only silent witnesses to his existence are fossil teeth, and even more rarely is his vertebra.


The breathtaking, large teeth today provide a great demand and a great interest in the Megalodon. The largest ever found tooth is impressive 18.2cm long. Stretch out her hand, precisely this length has a single shaving tooth of the Carcharocles Megalodon. Several dozen together as a huge dentition formed a deadly weapon.


His teeth look like a saw, and the Megalodon could probably eat anything he wanted. The white shark and the tiger shark have similar teeth.

Dinosaur fossils

Dinosaur fossils - Fascinating witnesses of a bygone era


Megalodon Replik Hai Fossil Haizahn


Although they are extinct millions of years ago, hardly anyone can escape the fascination for dinosaurs.

Who would not have liked to present a fight between the Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops or an Ankylosaurus, and then later, by means of modern technology, one could roll through interesting films and documentaries.


Here you will find a selection of fossils of these dinosaurs from the big, scary carnivores like Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurs and Caracharotonosaurus to the Raptors or the Mosasaurus living in the sea.

Why I only sell fossil shark teeth?

On this onlineshop only fossil teeth from the various species are offered.

Fresh shark teeth, so-called recent teeth, I do not offer out of my personal conviction. Some of the shark species still living today are now endangered or on the verge of extinction, such as the great white shark. For the trade, import and export of recent teeth of individual species, such as the great white shark, one needs in Germany and other countries a so-called CITES - certificate for the respective tooth. The recent teeth are all snow-white, as far as I know.



Certifate of authentity - Yes or no


Ich bekomme immer wieder die Frage gestellt, ob ich zu den von mir gekauften Exemplaren ein Echtheitszertifikat ausstelle bzw. ob es dazu Bescheinigungen gibt. Daraufhin muss ich antworten, dass entsprechende Untersuchungen durch Fachleute, womöglich teils mit teuren Geräten, die Kosten für viele Fossilien in eine für  Hobbysammler nicht mehr tragbare Höhe schießen lassen würden.


Ich bin nun schon seit etlichen Jahren Sammler und betreibe den Online - Shop. Die von uns verkauften Zähne des Carcharodon Megalodon, des Carcharias carcharodon (Großer Weißer Hai), Isurus (cosmopolidus) hastalis (Mako – Hai) und der anderen Spezies  sind zu 100 % natürlich und echt.


Es gibt vereinzelt Zähne im höheren Preissegment, die restauriert wurden. Diese sind jedoch in der Artikelbezeichnung klar beschrieben und gekennzeichnet. Ich beziehe meine fossilen Haizähne seit vielen Jahren von einem kleinen Kreis an vertrauenswürdigen Verkäufern, die selbst Taucher oder Sammler sind.   

Es ist allgemein selten und unüblich, dass Echtheitszertifikate für fossile Haizähne ausgestellt werden und wenn handelt es sich hier meist nur um ein Stück Papier. 


Ausgenommen sind hier natürlich sehr seltene und wertvolle Museumsstücke, die von Gutachtern bewertet wurden. Letztendlich bedarf es dem Vertrauen und der Bewertung eines Verkäufers und diese sind bei Haizahn-Fossilien.de zu 100 % positiv (Google, Trustpilot, Ebay, Catawiki). Des Weiteren gibt es die Möglichkeit der 14 tägigen Retoure, sowie eine lebenslange Geld - Zurück - Garantie bei einer falschen Artikelbeschreibung.


Ich versende mit jedem Fossil eine Visitenkarte mit der genauen Beschreibung zum Namen, dem Alter, der Länge und dem Gewicht, sowie dem genauen Fundort des erworbenen Objektes:

Feedback and improvements

Please always provide feedback on desired products or information about certain sharks or dinosaurs.

Then I can consider your wishes when buying new ones or creating new articles. 

Contact us

About me / Haizahn-Fossilien.de

My name is Philipp Mattes and I have been dealing with fossils for more than 20 years now (2000) and in particular with fossil shark teeth, especially the impressive teeth of the largest shark of all times - Carcharocles Megalodon.

It is still fascinating to me after many years what impressive size or razor sharp serrations such a tooth can have. Not to mention the colors and patterns of some teeth, which are caused by the release of the minerals in the surrounding rock. Depending on the incidence of light a different color spectacle shows up. In addition, there are new places of discovery, such as Indonesia or also the interesting exchange with other collectors.

The website Haizahn-Fossilien.de went online in 2017. On Haizahn-Fossilien.de I would like to share my enthusiasm and make it possible for you to experience this fascination yourself to hold a shark tooth in your hands that has lasted many millions of years.

I also try to find out interesting facts about the largest predator in the history of the earth and its smaller relative, the great white shark, and publish them in articles.

The offered fossils and shark teeth I get from a small circle of sellers, who are mostly collectors or divers themselves. Most of the relationship exist for quite a few years and are therefore based on a high degree of mutual trust.

I am always happy to receive your questions and suggestions. Simply use the contact form.

Contact us

Best regards, Philipp Mattes