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9,7 cm beautiful preserved tooth of Megalodon

9,7 cm beautiful preserved tooth of Megalodon

9,7 cm schön erhaltener Zahn des Megalodon

The 9.7 cm tooth of Carcharocles Megalodon is in a nice state of preservation. The black bourelette is shiny and nicely preserved and contrasts with the light gray enamel. The dentition is sharp and very fine. The tooth shows a so called biting notch on one side, which was caused by feeding or the shark itself. A beautiful tooth of the prehistoric giant, whose pictures speak for themselves.

Species:    Carcharocles Megalodon (Family: Otodontidae, Genius: Otodus)
Age:           ca. 3 – 20 million years old (Pliocene – early Miocene)
Location:  Hawthorne Formation/Savannah/Georgia - USA
Weight:     90 g
Condition:100% genuine and natural, Polished

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