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Tiger shark

Tiger shark

Tiger shark (Galeocerdo) - fossil shark tooth from Galeocerdo aduncus und Galeocerdo cuvier

The genus of tiger sharks (Galeocerdo) has existed for 50 million years. Currently, one distinguishes 6 different species in science.

Tigerhai mit Fisch im Blauen Ozean Wasser Copyright Fiona Ayerst 2012- stock.adobe.com

The today still existing tiger shark ( Galeocerdo cuvier ) exists since the middle Miocene, as since approx. 23.03 million years. About the Galeocerdo cuvier is known most of all tiger sharks.

It belongs to the genus Requiem Sharks and is with up to 7.5 meters one of the larger known shark - species.  The tiger shark is found worldwide in tropical, subtropical and warmer waters.

The tiger shark owes its name to the dark tiger pattern of the young animals, which fades more and more in the course of time.

The tiger shark is mainly active at dusk and at night and then stays in shallower waters, e.g. near the shore or river mouths. During the day, it retreats to deeper waters. It is very curious and a loner.

Most accidents with humans in the tropics are due to the tiger shark, as it is considered one of the most dangerous shark species. However, in general, the number of registered shark attacks is negligible. The dangerousness of the tiger shark is to be led back on it, since it tries to devour its booty in contrast to other shark - kinds, immediately in the piece.

The teeth of the tiger shark is a so-called revolver - teeth and consists of 18 - 22 rows. The teeth of the upper - lower jaw are very similar in contrast to other sharks.  The teeth remind of a cock's comb and have a very strong saw. This allows the top - Predator even turtle shell to crack. The tiger shark has the widest food spectrum of all shark - species, such as smaller conspecifics, all bony fish, turtles and also large seabirds.

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