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2.2 cm tooth of Siroccopteryx moroccensis

Out Of Stock 2.2 cm tooth of Siroccopteryx moroccensis

2.2 cm tooth of Siroccopteryx moroccensis

The 2.2 cm tooth of the pterosaur Sirococopteryx moroccensis is in a nice state of preservation and pointed. Siroccopteryx was named by its discoverers (Keller, Mader 1999) after the warm desert wind Sirocco and means wings of Sirocco. The wingspan of this large pterosaur was probably 4 to 5 metres. It is likely that this animal was a specialised glider and ventured into the sea off the coast of Africa to catch fish and other prey.

Species:     Siroccopteryx moroccensis (Family: Anhangueridae; Genus: Siroccopteryx)
Age:            ca. 105 million years (Early Cretaceous)
Location:   Tegana-Formation near Taquiz / Morocco
Weight:       2 g
Condition: 100% genuine and natural, no repairs and no restorations

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