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9,9 cm polished tooth of Megalodon shark

9,9 cm polished tooth of Megalodon shark

9.9 cm polished tooth of megalodon shark


A 9.9 cm polished tooth of the Megalodon with a great color. The roots have an appealing shade of red and the polished surface of the enamel has isolated gold colored elements.

Shark teeth are polished if they show damage when found, such as a blunt tip, severely worn serrations or chipping in the enamel, which is the top layer. Polishing succeeds in revealing the unique colorations and structures that the surrounding rock and the minerals it contains have given off in the fossilization process. Depending on the type and strength of the light different fascinating shades of color and patterns can be seen.

Species:     Carcharocles megalodon (family: Otodontidae, genus: Otodus)
Age:            ca. 3 - 20 million years old (Pliocene - early Miocene)
Location:   United States of America / Southeast USA (Georgia, South Carolina or Florida)
Weight:      139 g
Condition: Polished - 100% genuine and natural, no repairs and no restorations

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100% Money back guarantee, if the article description differs. E.g. size or restaurations.

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